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Season for Loving…

Albuquerque lettuce patch.

love your lettuce leaves fall-late spring!

Loving your leaves, that is! GardenersGuild provides 50 ways to LoveYourLeaves, with one task a week to focus your energies in the garden. There isn’t time to do all the things we want, but contact with Mother Nature offers benefits like fresh air, light exercise and new information to keep us growing.

GardenersGuild supports a philosophy of regular observation in outer spaces to further an urban troweler’s understanding of gardening and our city environment. Just get out there, and git growing! The LoveYourLeaves weekly nudge encourages a simple system of garden maintenance by offering one way each week that a busy urbecologist can get out into the garden. With weekly assistance provided by the LYL calendar (2 weeks off in December!) GG members garden year ’round for better health, greater sustainability and growing success.

To stay up with your garden, throw your shadow on it regularly and follow any of the resources from GardenersGuild, designed for chaotic but conscientious lifestyles!

  1. tap into the LoveYourLeaves 50 week motivational calendar.
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  3. get growing with local style snips/shots.
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Find easy year 'round tips to grow a healthy habitat.

Love your leaves every week!

The key to finding easy joy in gardening is simple, leisurely observation which requires only a few minutes each day & brings hours of feeling good. Grow your community, one garden at a time.

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